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Outsourcing of customer service brings to your customer service a professional touch, scalability and cost efficiency.


Customer Service

- outsourcing brings visible results



Customers’ service expectations change quickly. Digitalization is currently taking over customer service, stressing importance of service channels in a new way and changing balance between service channels, information contents and response times.

Selling combined with the customer service has become a critical activity of a successful service. Customer service outsourcing brings an opportunity to choose right channels, contents and response times based on the adequate background information and cost analysis.


  • Saving on costs: The fixed costs caused by running own contact center are relatively high. Outsourcing enables to share resources more effectively, and thus brings cost savings to a customer.

  • Service Scalability: When customer service experiences variation in volumes, temporary volume spikes or during vacation periods outsourcing provides a customer with better flexibility and optimality.

  • Best practice: Via specialization we obtained the best practices in both software tools and working processes.

  • Management and competency: Specialization has provided us with a more effective organizational and managerial model.

  • Quality: Our broad experience and versatile clientele have created new quality optimization tools.

  • Data management: Deeply structured market data collection, as well as innovative processing and reporting models provide us with real time service level and customer feedback information.

  • Service time: Our service is available for the end-customer even 24/7 or at least in the evening hours and on the weekends.


  • always balanced and smooth service despite the variation in volumes, temporary spikes, holidays, vacation periods and breaks

  • availability for longer service time, also 24/7

  • availability of the new service channels with stressing the right channel in the continuously changing environment

  • all information content both administrative and sales-oriented

  • services in Finnish, Swedish and English languages, also in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese

  • cost savings created by efficiency and transaction-based pricing

  • continuous reporting on the service levels, sales and customer satisfaction

The promised service level is monitored transparently in real time


The agreed queue times, answering rates and other service level parameters are monitored in real time. Our own reporting and quality assurance system NesQ provides the necessary means for the performance measuring and information sharing.

The service level targets can be adjusted to optimize the needed service and cost levels. Moreover, our service is not limited to any specific system or technology platform.


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Outsourcing brings to your customer service a professional touch, scalability and cost efficiency