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The contact center service provided by Nesenta rationalizes costs along the improvement of customer service


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Jari Antikainen

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Sales Manager

Markku Törhönen

tel. +358 40 550 7777

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Info service strives for the highest quality, and currently we are at the edge of the continuous improvement.

When talking about Info as a service, we do not mean a switchboard or a point of service in a traditional way, but in a sense of a modern, fast, effective and high-quality multi-channel customer care service.

Our Info service is designed especially for the companies, whose customer service is in a core of their business yet incoming amount of customer contacts is relatively small and does not allow them to set up a customer service unit at rational costs.

Since our working procedures, operational scope and rational approach to the customers fixed cost structure lead to the overall cost decline, outsourcing of a contact center allows customers to make tangible cost savings in comparison with an in-house solution.

The contact center service provided by Nesenta rationalizes costs along the improvement of customer service
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We provide our customer with a straightforward service implementation model meaning that activation of the service does not cause customer any additional rearrangements.


Service scalability in a world of changes

Our services are scalable. We can start with a specific function and further expand our co-operation. For example, “the old switchboard” may be the first step that can be transformed into a modern information center with a response time of 5 seconds.

We guarantee our customers the fast response time, as well as precise data registering along all channels and operation systems. We also continuously measure and improve skills and competence of our service agents.

We guarantee our customers a response time of 5 seconds

In comparison with the traditional switchboard, the info service provides your end-customers with a more extensive service, for example it can include support of the end-customers when visiting company web sites or provision of some background company information.