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Our services can be described from three points of view: conceptual, service as a product and service channel.


We make daily check-ups on the competence quality level

contact center and information service

Our services can be described from three points of view: conceptual, service as a product and service channel.

Conceptual approach means that while customer companies differ from each other by products and operational markets, our strong competence is a key to a successful outsourcing in every particular customer case.

The good examples of the service as a product are help desk, telemarketing service, switchboard, customer service, info service or editing.

The choice of a service channel is always depending on end-customer preferences, i.e. customer model behavior. The modern contact center provides multichannel services, because customer service interactions can differ by customer age, service content or industry. On the other hand, growing digitalization is continuously creating new channels.

optimized competence

Quality and competence go hand-in-hand

Behind our high service quality and strong competence are hiding important factors such as motivated and multi-skilled personnel, and customer company related content management emerged as a result of the continuous training.

The competence quality level is a subject for daily follow-up and measurement, for example our daily customer pulse measurement, and it is expected resulting further into growing customer satisfaction.

NesQ – our quality program

Nesenta ensures the quality of its service operations with NesQ quality system comprising five parallel programs:

  • NesQ Info: information management and real time reporting

  • NesQ Loyal: optimization of customer and partner satisfaction

  • NesQ Skill: skill monitoring and improvement

  • NesQ Goal: monitoring and improvement of efficiency and profit generation

  • NesQ Sec: information security and GDPR

Quality stems from a well-defined infrastructure

Contact center business requires a good physical and technical infrastructure and innovative information management. Nesenta’s infrastructure comprises over 20 ERP and CRM systems, contact management systems, several project-specific monitoring solutions, and three service centers. During last years, Nesenta has designed and implemented more than 500 proprietary web-based applications mainly with LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP).

Technical structure

Nesenta’s technology platform supports ubiquitous service production and efficient scalability. In telephony, we rely on the advanced SAP CC7 contact center system. On the other hand, for the email channel we have developed our own proprietary Nesenta Mailbox platform emphasizing efficient message processing and open reporting towards our clients. Otaverkko maintains Nesenta’s servers and VPN connections ensuring high usability rates.

Cost-efficiency, scalability and innovative information management are always the top priorities in our technical solutions.

Our premises

Nesenta’s main site is located in Jorvas Hightech Center in Kirkkonummi, 25 km west from Helsinki. JHC is a large and modern business park providing premises for more than 1,000 persons and around 70 companies. Among others, Ericsson is a largest and Nesenta comes next after it. In addition, Nesenta has a contact center in Kuhmo and IT development center in Lieksa, both in the eastern part of Finland.

outsourcing benefits

Outsourcing is the key to more secure and better results, and customer decision to outsource is based on the total value of many different benefits.

The key factors affecting the total benefit of customer service outsourcing are for example, costs, capacity requirements, timing, customer satisfaction and the potential for upsell.

NesPROFIT is a tool designed to estimate potential cost savings and possibilities to increase upsell in customer service. The calculation is based on your present volumes, distribution of the working time, relative share of different service channels and success rate in sales work. The calculator is in Finnish, call us up if necessary.