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Nesenta’s IT services provide businesses with the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions for the information management optimization in contact center service industry.



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it systems and web solutions

Nesenta’s IT services provide businesses with the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions for the information management optimization in contact center service industry.

Our tailor-made applications are targeting the following service areas:

Customer service

  • management of telephone service

  • management of email and chat service

  • monitoring of customer service quality

  • monitoring service of a winback activity

Sales and marketing

  • customer relationship management (CRM)

  • telemarketing management and reporting

  • area sales management and reporting

  • lead and contact management

Market data collection

  • service level auditing

  • mystery shopping

  • retail price tracking

  • customer satisfaction surveys

HR management and administration

  • training register

  • recruitment management

  • work atmosphere monitoring

  • management of email service

  • feedback management

  • reporting solutions

Sector-specific solutions

  • translation service management

  • contact center management and service level monitoring

  • telemarketing management and reporting

  • recruitment management

IT systems

In the large outsourcing solutions and customer service processes that cover various information systems, the customer service path starts with a message received by Nesenta’s contact management system, walks through information management within a customer’s ERP system, and finally arrives to the NesQ reporting system.

Nesenta provides customers also with integrated contact management system solutions, therefore a customer obtains savings on licensing, maintenance and administration cost. For example, the integrated contact management system enables optimal resourcing solutions within an overflow model.

NESASPA – a modern information processing platform

While on the one hand, the data is dispersed across company’s different information systems, yet on the other hand, interaction volumes are quite limited, the customer service outsourcing might seem to a customer like no relevant solution.

In opposite, this is exactly the situation, when outsourcing of the customer service to Nesenta brings significant benefits to a company. That’s it, because Nesenta’s NesAspa information processing platform is designed to handle scattered data effectively and organize it into meaningful, coherent and working entity in a single operation system.

In practice, NesAspa is managing the progress of customer interactions, giving a customer agent fast and correct responses to customer questions, dynamically suggesting sales arguments, and providing a real-time comprehensive reporting.

NesAspa is solving today’s problems – it meets requirements set by multitasking and multiskill service environment, where the fast and accurate information processing has become a vital condition and a competitive advantage for a company that provides digital customer service. The implementation of NesAspa is always company individual solution, nevertheless it still will bring savings on costs due to the optimization of the whole information processing.

NESASPA implementation

The cooperation with a customer begins with an accurate modelling of a work flow and data structuring. The next step comprises the design, deployment and maintenance of the system on the Nesenta’s servers, whether Nesenta takes care of necessary software licenses and hardware.

Nesenta emphasizes an ease of use and visual interface of its information management system as well as ensures the optimal use of the systems with necessary adjustment if needed.


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