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Nesenta provides customers with all necessary technology to enable variable technical solutions within agreed digital customer service.


Digital Customer Service

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DIGItal customer service is already here

An emerging expansion of digitality in customer service is sculpturing both the multiple customer service channels and the customer service palette in general. In addition, the Internet and work automation are raising their impact in the society in a such a way that in turn creates in companies an increasing need to offer almost 24/7 available customer service on their web sites.

customer digital path

1. Customer journey starts with an interaction in a company web or mobile service, which is powered by marketing, sales and customer care automation 24/7

2. In case the customer problem couldn’t be solved immediately, the interaction containing all necessary background information is seamlessly forwarded to a live service agent

3. The service agent is provided with a single interface that covers multiple customer service channels

4. In order to support fast problem solving and increase the number of “first contact resolution”- interactions, the service agent is assisted with instructions and answers containing data base as well as with help of the back-office specialists

5. Company business information systems, such as CRM ja ERP obtained an embedded feature to recognize automatically the mean point of time to proactively contact a customer, for example when some changes happen in a customer’s life

6. The level of customer satisfaction and customer process are subjects to continuous improvement

NESENTA’s DIGITAl services

  • When a customer outsources its customer service to Nesenta, we provide the customer with all necessary technology to enable the previously mentioned technical solutions within agreed digital customer service.

  • Our digital solution can be a part of the overall service outsourcing, or a smaller part of a partial outsourcing, or it can be a separate solution that contains support provided by a service agent

  • The seamless system integration into distinctive customer service guarantees the positive customer experience and effective interaction management

  • Our chat service is an independent entity, which often is a first digital customer service solution to start with.

digital transformation trends

Customer service automation and digital channels have been already quite a long time on the list of digital trends. The latest technology solutions have made these trends to became available to companies.

The mainstream trend, such as AI, text and voice recognition techniques are taking over, and will remarkably reshape the customer service operations in the near future.

This development is going to make inevitable impact on every contact center functionality by changing balance among service channels and transforming manual customer service into automated one.

According to rough estimates, the customer service automation will vary from 10% to 80% depending on industry and digital technology penetration level.


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