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Since its establishment, Nesenta has focused strongly on IT system development to support its service production.

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Back Office

- services as a part of outsourced service package



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The active interaction with an end-customer is in the core of outsourced customer service and sales. Therefore, to support them it can be rational to include some background processes into complete outsourcing.

Since its establishment, Nesenta has focused strongly on IT system development to support its service production. Our IT service center in Lieksa has tailor-made more than 500 applications. At present, we use over 20 ERP systems in our service production. We also provide complete ERP solutions, as well simple web-based support applications (for more information see IT Systems).

invoicing service

We also offer invoicing services as a part of our customer service outsourcing package. Adding this service streamlines your administration activities and adds more value on top of the customer service, especially when these functions are inherently close to each other. The invoicing service scales up with growing invoice volumes, covering the whole invoicing process from issuing invoices to payment collection.

registration and editing services

We carry out registration work both in customer-specific projects and as a continuous service. These services may involve, for example, coupon registration, information classification or more demanding editing work (for more information see Editing). Our efficiency stems from the working model, in which utilization of customer service resources is optimized according to the varying volumes. Therefore, our tailor-made workflow applications enable adjustment of the freeing capacity if necessary.

MATERIAl management service

Customer service often includes material management activities, such as sending promotional material, handling logistics of magazines and newspapers or answering to customer feedbacks. The material management may also include the inventory management and handling product returns.

synergy creates efficiency

Our services do not see any boundaries - thanks to the cross-border working, Nesenta produces both content-related services and end-point customer service in 12 languages. The market is global, we cover the Nordics, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Holland.

Nesenta has a long experience in efficient information handling, multi-lingual approaches and development of supporting data solutions. These capabilities allowed us to create a highly efficient editing concept, and as result to move the production of this service back from Asia to Finland.

The editing service comprises restructuring of data, completing of missing parts, correction of wrong information as well as content development in various languages and for different market areas. The editing lies on the continuous and systematic processes as well as the automated workflows, supported by unique information systems. The work starts with technical planning and passes via preprocessing to editing, and then to the final quality assurance phase.

The efficiency rises from synergy of resources available at Nesenta’s contact center, where the resource capacity stays in balance with varying transaction volumes and delivery times.

quality stems from processes and culture

Nesenta´s NesQ designed a quality assurance concept as a ground for a real time reporting and a transparent long-term cooperation. The quality process includes the several control stages and the early warning alarms. In addition to quantitative factors, the important quality factor is the organization itself. Nesenta has created the organizational concept that provides support for the skill optimization of the staff and maintains quality nurturing culture. The service production carefully follows the norms of “a best in class” contact and information center.


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